Mistress Summer Storm

Punishment, BDSM, Medical, Cross-dressing, Domination and So Much More.

Professional and Sophisticated raising the bar on Fetish and Fantasy.

The Ultimate Experience

I am now the Head Mistress of Adelaide’s Fetish Palace.

Having completed two years of intense training under the watchful eyes of

Mistress Electra Amore,

Goddess Gabrielle, Mistress Mercy and the many visiting Mistresses of the Fetish Palace.

Hello Sweeties I am a curvaceous size 18 frame Mistress, Size 8 feet all complimented by my

beautiful K cup breasts.

Dominating the Fetish Palace every

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Bookings are Essential.


Mistress Summer Holds the Keys to Many things.

Watch Out USA

May 2016 will be a very exciting time for myself.

As I am going to DomCon.

This means until then I am going to be a very busy bee, so much clothes to make and outfits to perfect.

I hope you have been behaving???

If not naughty boys and girls

Get put over my knee.

And god help you if I have to take off my belt.

Keep up to date with my exploits on social Media.

XxX Kitten Kisses XxX

Mistress Summer

Happy New Year


This year is going to be amazing I have so many surprises in store. To stay up to date follow me on social media.

I have some new photo shoots in the works and this year for the first time I will be setting up an online shop with some exclusive items available.

Ranging from

Photos to Panties

This is something to keep an eye on.

Also devotee’s to add funds to my Account are welcome

K cup bra’s aren't cheep .

I am also currently saving for a custom corset

Can you help?

XxX Kitten Kisses XxX

Mistress Summer